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Implementation of urban solar reduce haze

2013 around a keyword that haze. The central meteorological station said, since this year, China's average haze days to 52
years most. Even the color of haze. However, the haze from the backward mode of production Months and years pass by. formation, easier said than done to eliminate. Despite the elimination of haze method from the various aspects of the
minority, but the ideas of energy conservation in Hailin chairman Li Haiqing put forward "carry out the city solar reduce
haze", quite worthy of attention.

"If in the city to promote solar water heater, the haze contributions will be lasting. The most important is to enable people
to the shortterm will directly benefit, energy saving, used a lot of continuous free hot water." Li Haiqing said.
 The use of city of solar energy a year for a family of three can save 1720 kilograms of carbon emissions What is the
relationship between the promotion of solar and fog city? Is the logic behind city, promotion of solar power -- power need
energy consumption, especially power requires a lot of coal, which is one of the causes of haze generated.
It is understood, at present mainly is power, power is behind the coal consumption. The city water consumption.Data
display, which comprises a bath water, washing water, washing water of life water required, per capita consumption in
our residential design standards for 60 ~ 100L/ (human d), with the lowest 60L calculation, a day of power consumption is 4 degrees, the cost is 2 yuan. A family of three day power consumption 12 degrees, $6; a year costs 365*6=2190 yuan (a water heater, a year, or air conditioning).

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