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Product List
Solar pool ionizer
Split pressure solar water heater
Solar project
Stainless steel series
Color plate and aluminum bracket
Non pressure solar water heater system
Compact pressure solar water heater
Copper coil solar water heater
Solar collectors
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Haining Sunray Solar Energy Co., Ltd.
Add: No. 16, Qiugang Rd., Yuanhua Town, Haining, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Tel: +0086-573-87872798
Fax: +0086-573-87866519
Email: belinda@secosolar.com peter@secosolar.com
Website: http://www.hnsunray.com

We can deal with what you concerned:
Pre-sale service
As a good customer's staff officer and assistant, let each of our users' make the investment and obtain the
generous repayment: (1) Help you to choose the right type of solar water heater for your market and actual use;
(2) Let you know the feature, use method. etc., of the solar water heater;
(3) According to the customer's special requirement, design and manufacture the products.

Sale service
Respect the customer; Give one of customer rest assured one light , one pleasant surprise; Devoted to improving the customer's whole value:
(1) Let you know our production process;
(2) Collect, compare, then choose the best freight forwarding company for you (if CIF terms);
(3) In accordance with your requirements, strict supervision to ensure product quality.
(4) Deliver goods to the customers in time;
(5) Keep in touch with you.

After-sale service
Thank you for purchasing SUNRAY solar water heater and becoming a user of SUNRAY. Improve customer's
whole value, solve the worries for the future: (1) Let you know the ship at once when departure;
(2) We can train you to install more efficiency;
(3) Provide services of consultation and design of energy-saving solar central hot water system;
(4) Professional engineers providing services of installation and adjustment;
(5) Online consultation and customer service special line.

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