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Push the new Ford C-MAX plug-in hybrid car

According to the Ford official information, C-MAX Solar Energi concept car using a solar panels on the roof, technology is
provided by SunPower company, concentrator technology with the solar panels, the absorbed energy fully, compared with
the ordinary solar panel efficiency 8 times. It is reported, if the C-MAX Solar Energi from sunrise to Sunset Park charging
the sunlight, the equivalentof the traditional plug-in charging for four hours.

The launch of the concept car to no longer rely on the charging pile through the solar charge makes the future plug-in car
of new energy resources, this may be the trend of the future of new energy vehicles.

Ford C-MAXSolar Energi power system is composed of the engine and the motor, and support the external socket
charging, he mileage of up to 620 miles (1000 km), the pure electric mode mileage of 21 miles (34 km). At present, the car has been prepared for the road test, preparing for future production.

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