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2014 Three Solar Industry Forecast

With the enhancement of the conversion rate of solar panels , solar costs will be lower . Since China implemented the new
tariff subsidies, so that the internal rate of return of public utilities projects very attractive ,Trina Solar , and Jinko Solar
Astor will win more public utility projects .

U.S. solar stocks such as SolarCity and SunPower will continue to grow. Wal-Mart and Costco pioneered commercial
rooftop solar energy, more and more companies to follow suit , many places have achieved a solar grid . Therefore ,
rooftop solar growth will continue.With distributed generation power companies grow, they should achieve greater
economies of scale to reduce the soft costs in labor and system design , and the current total soft costs between 52% to
64% of the installation costs.

By 2014, China will become the world 's largest solar market and will be further expanded. According to the China Energy Agency news, China set the official target of solar capacity is 12GW. In other words , China 's PV market will account for 2014 global installed capacity of 43GW of solar energy more than a quarter .

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